Social Media Marketing

Each social media marketing plan is tailored to carving out a space online that best reflects your brand. The vision behind our full-service social media management services is to help you spark and maintain online connections that get you closer to meeting your business goals.

- Creating and/or maintaining social media accounts
- Content curation and scheduling
- Social Media campaigns and contests
- Engaging with followers and potential consumers and businesses
- Social media reports with comprehensive analytics

social media audits

Ideations Communications offers free social media audits to prove we know what we’re talking about when it comes to social media by assessing your most effective channels and methods for staying on brand.

Content Creation

We provide you with a sense of structure to ensure your online presence stays consistent and reaches the feeds of current and prospective clients. Our plans leave enough breathing room to capture your brand’s dynamic voice and allow it to thrive online.

- Editorial Calendars
- Maximizing existing content
- Blog Posts
- Videos
- Podcasts
- Infographics
- Photography


Each of our approaches create public relations strategies that are as dynamic as the brands we work with. No matter the occasion or campaign, we bridge connections to ensure the communication between your brand and the world is fresh and relevant.


- Media kits and portfolios
- Media relations
- Influencer marketing
- E-Newsletter
- Advertisement design and ad buys
- Event planning and promotion



We want your unique story to shape your brand identity. Our process helps uncover that story and communicates your brand’s values across multiple platforms.

- Branding
- Logo design
- Website design
- Printed materials