Our mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build brand awareness through strategic communications. We provide a solution for every size business and every size budget. Communicating your message is our job; helping you succeed is our passion!


What defines Ideations?

Ideation Definition

Meet The Team

At Ideations we strive to keep our work as collaboratively and unified as possible, knowing the importance of being diverse in our skills. But, in case you're wondering more about who we are as individuals and what we each specialize in, take a look at our biographies!


Jennifer Newton, Founder/HBIC


Oversees business operations and internal communications

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Emily Ayers,


Social Coordinator 

Manages social content and creates campaign strategies

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Sylana Uribe, Content Developer

Manages market research and creates written/visual content

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Jordan Daniels, Branding Strategist

Develops brand identity and establishes visual story

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