3 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Harness the restorative properties of a mischievous time

Mercury in retrograde was definitely blamed as the culprit for some of our communication mishaps this summer and shaped some important decisions, such as the launch of this website after the period ended.

Diehard astrological fans will explain how some planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac. This illusion is referred to as retrograde motion. Mercury in retrograde causes an unease because the planet rules all things communications. Whether that’s emails, texts, letters or smoke signals, it’s a popular occurrence for the channels we use to communicate to not always be on our side.

Much in the way we can’t avoid Mercury Retrograde, neither can we put a halt to the hard work and communication that needs to get done. So, how do you survive Mercury Retrograde? The answer is to take many deep breaths, remembering that it’s all temporary and perhaps tapping into the following tips:

Tie up as many loose ends

Get things finalized before Mercury Retrograde hits. Effective communication needs to be on your side, so take advantage of it before the planet enters retrograde and contacts become slightly harder to reach.

One of the biggest areas proponents advise against is signing important contracts or making big investments during Mercury Retrograde. However, we don’t want you to miss out on a great opportunity just because of a planet! If such things require your attention, then review every aspect of it carefully before signing on the dotted line. And we mean reviewing every. single. detail.

Back it up. Back all of it up.

This is when it pays off to have backup plans to your backup plans. If your company will experience a big event or launch, chances are that some sort of alternative plan is already in place to ensure things go smoothly. Confirm that all schedules, meetings, and parties involved are still good to go. Make sure all alternatives are intact, but here’s hoping you won’t have to use them.

Digitally speaking, little patience will be shown for files that can’t be summoned when they’re most needed. Avoid falling into the pit of computer errors by properly storing and backing up all essential documents. It’s also worth noting that when it comes to digital communication, comb through emails carefully to secure that key messages aren’t buried or lost before hitting the send button. And of course, keep an eye out for emails that fail to send but mysteriously end up in your “drafts” folder.

Review and revamp

Mercury Retrograde welcomes more than a little chaos, as it can actually serve as a restorative period.

Think of Mercury Retrograde as a time to check-in and assess all that’s happening with your company. Is it time for a new campaign? Is your website in need of a serious clean up? Is your company’s social media losing momentum? Use this time to dig into these questions and create strategies for revamping areas that may have been overlooked too long.

The aforementioned tips addressed areas that businesses should look into regardless of their sentiments for Mercury Retrograde. With the next retrograde expected to cast over us between December 3 - 22, we invite you to read more on Mercury Retrograde